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alamak, little boy

June’s blog have been one great source of entertainment, and if you do not know June, how she write on the blog is so different from how she portray herself!

Extract from June Low’s Blog

my boyfriend is funny.
he is the ONLY guy whom i know,(by far) who doesn’y know
Victoria’s secrets is a very famous retailer of to-die-for lingerie in the States.
He thinks it’s Victoria Beckham’s Own brand, that sells clothes.(designed by her)
She does has her own brand, but i can’t remember what it is.
I know for sure it isn’t called Victoria’s Secrets ((:

Eh! Little Boy! Even I know what is Victoria’s Secret loh!!!!
Even Channel 5 shows the fashion show of Victoria’s Secret every year, where you can see anorexic models parading around their lingerie. Alamak..

Maybe, maybe DOTA really is a boyfriend stealer.

Latest Update:
Eh… Even Uncle Heng know loh! *lol*

Men In White Part 3

And here we are, at Al Dente.

However, it has it’s own fair share of adventure too. 10 minutes after we ordered our food, the *poor* waitress came and told us that the fondue is not available.

June was available. Clarence was fuming. (Ok, I exaggerated. Well , he wasn’t too happy about it. All of us wasn’t happy, too.)

The drinks was prepared but Clarence refused to accept it unless there’s confirmation that fondue is available, especially since the floor manager told us there is before we decided to enter.

Anyway, the poor waitress told us that there is fondue 5 minutes later. And we accept the drinks anyway.

And my conspiracy came after that. Will the chef and the bartender add ‘special ingredients’ to our food? I don’t know. Anyway, it was a typical makan session from Stickmen!


That’s the fondue and tiramisu!

Our drinks. Strawberry Margarita, Singapore Sling, Sex on the Beach and one more dunno-what.

Men In White Part 2

In true blue Stickmen fashion, we had to ‘shop-hop’ 3 places before we confirmed on where we had our supper.

Shop 1: Haagen-Daz.
We wanted to settle for the fondue. However, it was not available, perhaps sold out for the day? Anyway, we barely warmed the seat before we decided, nope, we shall not settle for anything less.

So off we go. ONE.

Shop 2: Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
Peered around the entrance. Saw fondue on some of the patron’s table. Decided to go in. Checked with the staffer about the chocolate fondue. Well, all I can say is we left the place even before we got to sit down.

So off we go again. TWO.

Shop 3: MakanSutra Glutton’s Bay
Found seats there. Disappointed. We were almost raising the white flags to fate when June saw a billboard of fondue by Al Dente! We were delighted! However, after lessons learnt from the previous 2 eateries, we were more cautious before we leave the Glutton’s Bay. Therefore, Clarence and I went in and CONFIRM that there is fondue before we called the rest in. and yup, there was. And off we go again, from shop 3 to final pitshop, Al Dente.

And yup, confirm and guarantee chop that pictures are up tomorrow. :)

Men In White Part 1

It just initially a bored Tuesday and got a SMS from Anthony that there was free tickets to the charity premiere of ‘Men In White’, a local horror-comedy.

Well, there was horror. Horribly Lame.
There was comedy. All of us are laughing how lame it was.

If that’s what the director had intended it to be, probably he has succeed it very very much.
However, at the expense of jeopardizing his reputation, I supposed?

*Sorry Kelvin Tong. I know you are a good director. But this film doesn’t do you justice. Apologies extended to Shuan Chen. This film doesn’t do you justice too, especially as your debut. You are a great actor. This film shows only 5% of your talent.*

The goodies was probably the ‘supper/desert’ session the rest of us went after that…

Look out for the entry tomorrow for the great pics of our makan!