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Arrrggghhh!!! I have sinned~~~~ Nothing too serious too, but I went out for supper with Andrew, Jane and Khartini at GluttonSquare at the Esplanade last night.. there goes my dieting regimen..

Well, I am adopting a more stingent dietary for the next few weeks until I can see more results (have to admit that the frequency to gym gets lesser since school begins.. Yah yah, I know this is excuse). Anyway, wish me good luck and hopefully, would see results faster in the next few weeks or so.

Meanwhile, enjoy the RADIO BLOG below!

Listen To:
Ordering the Murtabak and which one to order
Andrew’s Turn To Order
Tini proudly showing her ‘eggs’?
Andrew is Singapore’s Answer to Vic Chou Zai Zai?

When The Bright Moon Shines…

Legend that during Ancient China, Chang’e took the elixir of life and flew to the moon. And that’s the reason why we eat mooncake nowadays. However, bet she did not expect that when it reaches the 21st century, human beings started to create all different kinds and varieties of mooncake.

My favourite ‘new’ mooncake has to be the~~~~ drum rolls~~~ Ice Cream Mooncake~~ from Swensen’s!! (No opportunity to try Haagan Daaz Ice Cream Mooncake~~ Too expensive!!)

Anyway, there was supposed to be a club event on Sunday, called Bezo 2005, at Downtown East. Will uploaded the sound clips and pictures once edited. Cheers~~

(These photos are taken with my beloved Nokia 6260 phone. Looking for sponsorship/endorsement for a digital camera. Interested parties, you can contact me at Actually, I don’t mind any form of sponsorship or endorsement actually. ;P)

Listen To:
Eating Mooncake with Andrew and Jerry Yeo
Eating Mooncake with Suresh

How to Celebrate A Driving Pass

What is the best way to celebrate when someone passes his/her driving test on the first trial? Stuff ourselves silly at Carl�s Jr!!! Yes, this is what we did when Adrian aka Jerry aka Minimum aka God-Knows-What-Else passes his driving test on Tuesday.

The burger is great, the sauces are great, and the seats are wonderful! Did I mention that they provide free flow of drinks and we drank ourselves silly with Coke Light and Home Made Ice Lemon Tea (Where there is a container of tea, and you add the lemon slices and sugar syrup based on how sour/sweet you want) ?

Can�t wait to go back there again.. but ooppss.. need to go back to gym already (which I had not been going for the past 4 weeks�)

Listen to:Our Adventure at Carl�s Jr

Wedding Bells…

Finally.. it’s the BIG day.. ‘Uncle’ Adrian and my new ‘da-sao’, ‘Auntie’ Yin Yin’s wedding!!!

It’s a great honour that I am being asked to be the ‘brother’ for the day ceremony and indeed, it’s an eye-opener.. Will upload the video clips (taken from Razali’s mobile phone) once I received it, and the voice clips (once I finished editing it).. But meanwhile, enjoy these pictures and the greetings from us~~~!!!

Listen To:
Greetings from the ‘young and innocent’ ones
Morning Ceremony Part 1
The ‘Door Opening’ Ceremony
The Dinner Reception