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Just a Reflection (aka Random Thoughts)

Sitting at the canteen of a polytechnic this morning, while passing my time away, something dwell upon me.


Yes, it may not be a surprise news to  you,  and me, but yeah, finally,  it seems that this fact has dwell upon me when I am here.

Yes, that’s about it. Maybe this is what will happen when you are in a environment where a lot of people around you are so young and vibrant.

Awaiting the day when I am ’19′ again. Ha.

Last Entry

This could be the last blog entry in

4 years, 8 months and 26 days (28 April 2003) since my first ‘recorded’ entry (My first entry is far far earlier than this, say 2001, but I had lost the record), this blog, is, and could be going to the end.

Before you guys go into a panic and start asking me what’s wrong or anything bad happened, don’t worry, I am fine.

This decision, is purely a commercial reason.

Frankly speaking, a huge part of me doesn’t want this blog to go. This blog, has been accompanying me over these few years, watched me smile, cry and grow up. Memories recorded and archived at

I am trying to find a suitable new home for this blog. Afterall, I can’t just ‘delete’ almost 5 years worth of memories, right?

Will keep you guys updated.

More dosages of Flashes of Random Thoughts

Disclaimer: The following post is just bits of my random thoughts. If you do not understand what the hell I am writing, you are not alone~~~

More random thoughts…

Random Thoughts No 9: Hey! T*IF!! (Thank whatever it�s Friday!) I never knew Friday was such a welcoming day. Think of the rest and crazy stuff that I can do for the next 2 days, it�s enough to keep me motivated to survive for the next few hours at work� Hrm� what shall I do this weekend?? *Ponder ponder ponder*

Random Thoughts No 10: There are 2 very interesting happenings for me tonight. Matthew has invited Jane and me to a piano recital! OMG! OMFG! I have never been to a piano recital before! Will I fall asleep? Am I able to appreciate it? I guess I am not the �classy� kind, but rather the �crassy�, uncouth type. (Yah yah, I heard your snigger, Wende�) Okay, I shall drink more coffee before I go for the recital later in the evening� Ha ha~~

After which, we may be going to Swissotel to welcome Andrew to Singapore!! (For the uninitiated and initiated, it�s THAT Korean Andrew, but not Andrew Stanley Heng.. Snigger snigger snigger) I bet SOME GIRL can�t wait for him to arrive� *Evil laughter*

That�s all for now� I suppose so�