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From CITY to my LIFE

Regulars to my website may realize that there is a major facelift in my site design and theme. In case if you had not notice it, where have you been??!!

It’s time to do so. How long had I been using the previous design? 6 months? 1 year? I had no idea. Well, the choice of the new colour scheme (which is black), is not due to influence of one of my close friend (you know who you are heh), but the ‘feeling ah’ (Cantonese Chinese accent inclusive)~~ Ha ha~~

More on these later…

Ubin – Island Life, I Luv it!

When to Ubin yesterday with Suresh, Andrew and Shuyan… Or should I say, went with Suresh in the morning, with Andrew and Shuyan joining us after noon time??

Met Suresh and Khartini in the morning and had Nasi Lemak for breakfast… crap around Changi Village before Tini had to head back to school, but not before convincing her to play ‘traunt’… but with no success…

As Shuyan and Andrew is still far from destination, Suresh and me decided to make our way to Ubin first. It was an eye opener for me since this was my first trip to Ubin. Yes, I am 23 years old and this is my first trip, pathetic right?

Suresh suggested that we should walk instead of cycle, which I agree. Along the way, we crap, joke and chat. It was an indeed ‘male bonding’ session~~~ So much so that we got lost~~ And reached somewhere that looked like the island in the US hit drama, ‘Lost’. Nice place thou, without the ‘polar bear’ (I hope~~)

However, the hike was fruitful, after navigating for about 2 hours, we reached our oasis… Kekek Quarry… Of course, what we do naturally is to jump into the refreshing mineral water. Actually, another reason was to free ourselves from the commando mosquito who seems to be enjoying their buffet… Nevertheless, the scenary was beeeeeautiful. Did I mention that it just feels that we are at the outback or in some summer camp in USA? Woah…. All we need are tyres tied to the tree branch, sandwiches and ice cold lemonade… (Did I mentioned too that sometimes, we felt that although we are Asians, our thinking has been rather Westernized? Call us SPG – Sarong Party Guys, but do you think we care?)

Andrew and Shuyan finally came, with 2 fresh young coconuts. This is life.. dipping in the quarry, drinking the coconut. It has been a long time since I have been so relaxed. I guessed that yesterday was the much needed break that I have been waiting for. Why the need to go overseas where you can get to relax and enjoy at the doorstep of your home? This trip has been a nice change after been rushed and pushed around in the highly competitive concrete jungle of Singapore. There is nothing to worry(but the mosquito), you get to stay close of Mother Nature… while it lasts. It was a sad thing that developers plan to re-develop the area into a resort. That’s a big irony man. Why re-develop a place where it’s in the nature state when you want to attract people to go to enjoy the beauty of Nature? Just left it alone, for goodness sake~~~!!!

It has been a wonderful day for me, for such a long time…. and it was a wonderful ‘male bonding’ session with Suresh too, where we shared and talked a lot for the whole morning~~ Take care bro~~~

Photos Up~~ Click HERE!!