Monthly Archives: November 2006

My Birdday

me_latest.jpgAlthough today is my bird-day, I had an early ‘birthday breakfast celebration’ with the JKL team yesterday morning at the Botanic Gardens.

Ha ha! Having breakfast at Botanic Gardens sia~~ When was the last time I did that? If I did not recalled wrongly, there was 1 time when Uncle Adrian brought us there for breakfast too! Although I forget what was it about… (something about Rotaract if I am not wrong!)

Well… As usual… photo gallery!
Part 1 of the breakfast! Tempted you more below….

Lilian and Me. I told JKL that I will put this photo up delibrately!!! Ha ha!! Those who know will know the reason why!

More food! Imagine – 4 sets of Western Breakfast, consisting of hot buttery croissant (I luv the butter smell), multi grain toast (smeared with butter(!) and jam), grilled tomatoes (My only complain is that the serving is too little), grilled bacon (I was watching Will & Grace the night before and Grace was savoring on fried bacon. And I had grilled bacon! It was grilled perfectly where it is not too oily but with the appropriate amount of fats), sausages, hash brown, scrambled eggs, toss salad, fruits, orange juice and tea! It is a huge spread!

img_0016.jpg Lastly, a photo of JKL & J! Ha ha~~~~~

That’s all folks for the updates… will add more photos once I got from Jane!

About 4:30 …

430hom.jpgJust finished watching 4:30 by Royston Tan. Bought the DVD this afternoon. Did not manage to watch it when it was on the big screen.fs_8days_hpfc-ad-430.jpg Apparently, I could not find anyone that can appreciate this movie together, and in the end, did not went to watch the move. All I can say, I regretted not watching it when it was on screen. It was a damn great movie.

It does not have the CGI SFX you see in blockbusters, nor the million dollars budget that entire you to get wow over. However, what it sells is the simplicity in the story telling. IT IS TELLING A STORY. And that’s very rare in movies nowadays. You have to watch the movie to know, and get in touch with the characters in the show.

Yes, you will not regret it.