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Who wants to watch this???
The Singapore Idol contestant famed for his inaudible rendition of “Careless Whisper” is back! He’s in love and bursting to express how he feels… in song. Catch him in Royston Tan’s new short film, “Careless Whisperer”, premiering this Easter weekend, as part of a showcase called “0104″, which collects the best of Royston’s short films from 2001 to 2004 (see synopsis for details).

Since “15″ the feature made headlines, Royston has garnered praise and poison in equal measure. Love him? Hate him? “0104″ presents the perfect opportunity for everyone to not only cast his own verdict, but also traces Royston’s development as one of Singapore ‘s most controversial filmmakers.

Venue: AGF Theatre, Alliance Francaise
Date & Time: 8pm, 26 Mar � 3.30pm & 7.30pm, 27 Mar
Tickets: $21 (free seating)
Rating to be advised; program is subject to change.

Proceeds will go to a filmmaking class for troubled youths conducted by Royston Tan under the auspices of The Substation. Tickets are available now at The Substation Box Office, open weekdays 12pm to 8.30pm, and also at the door on the screening dates. Please call the Box Office at 6337-7800 for update on rating.


Careless Whisperer (PREMIERE)
When you’re in love, your heart sings. But whether you can is another matter. In this zany new work, we get to listen in on what Patrick, the Singapore Idol contestant famed for his inaudible rendition of the George Michael hit, really hears in his head… and heart.

New York Girl (PREMIERE)
Where does fakery end and genuineness begin? In this comedy with a heart that is disguised as a social satire, a bimbo with a fake accent embarks on a quest for stardom and fame…

Monkey Love (PREMIERE)
Shot entirely outdoors in the winter wonderland of Hokkaido , this rhapsody in white stars a lovelorn monkey (ok, a boy in a monkey suit) traipsing through snow, in search of something of his that someone has stolen.

The Absentee (2004)
A music video made for the song “Killing Time” by the local band The Observatory, from their album “Time of Rebirth”.

Cut (2004)
“Cut” follows a film buff as he harasses a censor from supermarket to car park, where the film ends with an over-the-top musical number complete with go-go boys and cameos by various luminaries in the local arts scene.

Blind (2004) Old Parliament House (2004) Capitol Cinema (2004)
Three films that unfold in a single take, through sound: the first with a young woman in a park, the second with a man in the Old Parliament House, and the last with a woman in Capitol Cinema.

24 hrs (2002)
In three wistful minutes, this film chronicles the bloom and doom of a transient love, against a looping footage of Korean commercials and the strains of a guitar.

Hock Hiap Leong (2001)
A boy’s reverie at his favorite kopitiam takes us back to the 60s, and a musical number performed in platforms, beehives and flares. Sentimental and celebratory, “Hock Hiap Leong” memorializes the places and faces lost in the shadow of a city’s progress.

Mother (2002) This moving film tells the story of a son’s love-hate relationship with his mother � through the device of a voice-over played over the footage of a home video.

The organisers regret to inform that they are unable to secure a permit to screen “15″ (the short film).

23 mar 2005 1655hrs

It’s My Love

If I have a million dollars, I would buy a house.Do I have a million dollars? No.That’s why I do not have a house.
If I have wings, I can fly.Do I have wings? No.That’s why I can’t fly.
If all the water is drawn out of the bath tub, it still cannot put off the flame of love between us.Can all the water in a bath tub be drawn off? Yes.So, Yes, I LOVE YOU.

02 mar 2005 1650hrs