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Last Entry

This could be the last blog entry in

4 years, 8 months and 26 days (28 April 2003) since my first ‘recorded’ entry (My first entry is far far earlier than this, say 2001, but I had lost the record), this blog, is, and could be going to the end.

Before you guys go into a panic and start asking me what’s wrong or anything bad happened, don’t worry, I am fine.

This decision, is purely a commercial reason.

Frankly speaking, a huge part of me doesn’t want this blog to go. This blog, has been accompanying me over these few years, watched me smile, cry and grow up. Memories recorded and archived at

I am trying to find a suitable new home for this blog. Afterall, I can’t just ‘delete’ almost 5 years worth of memories, right?

Will keep you guys updated.

Random Pictures Series!

This would be the latest series in my blog!

Instead of continuing my Random Thought Series which I realize those people I know started to do that too after I started it, I guess, it’s time for me to start a new series… that is…

Random Picture Series!

As the cliche says, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ right?

However, the debut of this random series is not really ‘random’ either. It is just pictures of my recently concluded Hong Kong trip!


It was the place where you get to 买东西,吃东西! As you can see, enjoy Xu Liu Shan, Krispy Kreme, 鸡蛋仔, and more!

Well, this is just a temporary picture of my holiday! More to be up once I edited it *properly*! Ha ha!

Everyone is a Foto Whore

Everyone is a photo whore.


Therefore, here I am, ‘trying’ to be one.

Although the photos are very outdated (photos of my December holiday).


Hopefully I can take tons of photos during the AMMY V or (ASEAN Ministerial Meeting for Youth for the uninitiated) , where I would be volunteering myself as a liaison officers for the ministers and the delegates. Would there be any limitations on the photos I can take or posted?


Anyway, all the photos are contains just me. ‘Cos it’s my blog. You don’t want to see Wendy in Dawn’s blog, unless they are bitching about each other, tearing each other hairs off, don ya?

I Am Back~~!


Yup, I am B-A-C-K~~!

I am glad that I am back, especially on what happened in the 2 countries I went to… The southern part of Taiwan experienced an earthquake on the eve of my departure and the climate turned colder on the day of my departure; while Bangkok had bomb attacks on the evening/night of my departure…

Heng Ah~~~~ Must go and return my offerings soon for being blessed to escape these…

Anyway… The pics above is just an preview of what you are going to expect for the next few entries… Once I recoup my energy and stopped eating….


dsc00882.JPGMade some countdown tags!

This makes some of the upcoming important dates! (Especially the second one.. *hint* *hint*)

Cannot wait for 21 December to come! Would be flying to TPE via Thai Air, then to BKK (again!) on 27 Dec, and finally, back to SIN on the last day of 2006! I guess expected to gain some weight for this trip due to food galore in these 2 countries… Hrm..

Anyway, contact Gary and Hsiao Xin regarding the trip and I guess there would be a lot of catching up with them when I am there! More shopping and eating expected!

Where I am this time next week

Where I am this time next week.
*Yes, yes, I was there 4 months ago*
*Yes, this is just a simple weekend escapade for me*

Je vais a Kuala Lumpur la semaine prochaine.
Je veux manger le Lok Lok au Bukit Bintang.
Je ces aime!

*I hope I am writing correctly. I am NOT using online translation! I am studying French ok? lol*

Random Pictures of Kinabalu

Enough of random thoughts… now presenting random pictures of my Kinabalu trip (ie, those selected pics which I like lah~~)

I like this picture because it shows my bling bling very well, but maybe you can’t see it clearly here…

My bro and me at the Kinabalu Pine Resort…

Ha ha~~~ nice car~~~

The KING of fruits~~

What you do when you have nothing to do…