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Merry Xmas!

Hey folks~~

I will be out of town from 21 December to 31 December~~

Would check my e-mail regularly (that is,, or you can contact me at my mobile (auto-roaming… but don’t abuse it folks!)

Meanwhile, Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year 2007!

It Pays To Be A Glutton

photo-0199.jpgIt has been a long time since I have been there.

However, due to a twist of fate (or rather, a twist in the eccentric weather during December), Max and I went to The V Tea Room for some relaxation.

And ended up with my all time favourite, the Turkish Apple Tea, and the melt cake!

However, instead of having my usual mango melt cake today, I tried another favor with contains 2 of the fatal ingredients that can ‘kill’ me: Chocolate and Cheese!

Wah!!! This chocolate cheese melt cake literally melt me~~! The thick dark chocolate cake with the dark chocolate melt, and having cheese cubes in the cake~~ woah~~ this is so sinful that I will willing to die for it! However, I forgot the name of the cheese that is inside (but what I remembered that it is some sort of creamy cheese) but it is F-A-B-ulous!

As usual, the store manager (I guess) Amy was there with her megawatts smile and excellent service which makes your day~! I was so impressed with her where she can actually remembers the likes and dislikes of her customers despite of the number of customers she has everyday! GEMS should present her an award for setting the standard, or rather exceeding the standard in the service industry!

Anyway, had a haircut by Max, which was, in my humble opinion (I was telling a friend how I wanted to put this phase down, so fun *lol*), excellent and wonderful! However, forgot to take a photo of my hair, which I shall do it in due time soon.

Anyway, was a great day, at V Tea Room, and talking nonsense and bickering nonsense with Max today. It was a damn great day especially when we had not meet up for sooooooooooo looooooooooong.

Anyway, *8* mooooooooooooore days~~~~~

It’s finally here!!!!!

It’s finally here!!

I have been waiting for 1 whole %&%$#$ %&%$#$ year for this show!

It’s the tenth year anniversary for Chestnut series – FORBIDDEN CHESTNUTS: PORTRAIT OF A BROKEBACK GEISHA. I was waiting for their show this whole bloody year! Finally, it’s here….

Ok, any takers? It’s 10-20 January! Trust me! You will not reg regret watching this show.

To know more, here’s the link :
To invite me to go, SMS me! *lol*


Actually, only 2 surprises.

Surprise #1

It was supposed to be a surprise birthday celebration for Dave.

The ‘gang’ (namely, Clarence, Jwo Shyang, Xuehui and June, and me, of course) had planned a ‘surprise’ birthday celebration for Dave.

The plan was to bake a cake for him (it was my last paper, while they finished their papers), and I will meet Dave after the exam (The others had made excuses to ensure they are ‘unavailable’ the whole afternoon. In the end, had to use the excuse of killing time to meet Dave in order to ensure he doesn’t reach there earlier. Also, to have more control in the planning since the ‘victim’ is with me. *lol*). Afterwhich, we will go to the KTV to celebrate the end of our papers.

Everything was going well. Dave and me reaches the KTV at 6.30pm while the rest was there at 6pm.

However, what I did not expect was it was a double celebration! They had planned this celebration with me in mind too! (ha ha! *shy*) I was ‘tricked’ into the entire ‘con game’ too! And Dave knows about some of it too!

This is the birthday cake that they bake! It tastes great too, btw.

The other birthday boy, Dave.

Don’t ask me, I just have the urge to upload this picture. Those who know will know!

The 4 shuai ges. Ha ha! The picture is blurred due to the result of 3/4 bottle of vodka and 1 bottle of ice wine!

Blur! We asked someone who take this picture, which I guess he’s drank too!

Anyway, thanks folks for the ‘surprise’! *lol* And the present! *lol*

Surprise #2

This is a VERY BIG surprise to me indeed.

One of my school mate, Duke, told me this 2 days ago.


“u can write pretty well”

Of all compliments I got all my life, this is the first time I was told that I can write pretty well! *ha ha*

Well, I shall strive to write better posts for my blog, Duke! Anyway, I don’t mind more compliments! No one will reject compliments, I supposed?