Monthly Archives: April 2006

*Summer Summer*

Finally it’s the summer term…

It’s weird leh!

I had not been such relaxed since I began school. I was actually working part time DURING my final exams this time last year as the company I was with was urgently short-handed.

To think that I had time to go for tea at the V Tea Room (Read: tai tai alert!) today!

When was the last time when I have the chance to ‘slug’ myself oin a chair? Last year December at KL, and that’s not even in Singapore!

Let me enjoy the short moment of peace and relaxation before gearing up for more stuff ahead okay?

What Did You Do When You Are 3?

I don’t know either.

How do you celebrate a birthday for a 3 year old? I don’t know.

It have been centuries since I celebrated my 3 years old birthday.

By the way, it has been 3 years since I began blogging! (Actually, I guess it’s older, but the archives I have begins from April 2003, so we take this date has my blogging start date.)

It has been a long time… From ‘Jerry & the City’ to ‘Life As Jerry’… Perhaps it’s time to take on a new identity…. tonk&JERRY!

Where I am this time next week

Where I am this time next week.
*Yes, yes, I was there 4 months ago*
*Yes, this is just a simple weekend escapade for me*

Je vais a Kuala Lumpur la semaine prochaine.
Je veux manger le Lok Lok au Bukit Bintang.
Je ces aime!

*I hope I am writing correctly. I am NOT using online translation! I am studying French ok? lol*

Long Time No Blog

Was reading my own blog and almost fell asleep!

I never knew how boring my blog has evolved!! ~~~ Oops

Could it be attributed to laziness, bo-chupness or just simply, no life?

Maybe a combination of all three!

Well, I don’t fly around so much like Kenny Sia, I am not a bimbo that party so much like Wendy (oops, hate mail from Wendy’s supporter expected), I don’t pose nude online like that SPG blogger, so what can I blog about?

I don’t think you netizens out there wanna read the following blog entry right?
What a day I have! I woke up at 10 am and pee for 34.94seconds, after which, I went to have a morning drink (apple cider water, not beer) and had my breakfast. Then I went to watch TV and washed up at noon to go to school.

I had my exam and then went to the library to study. Had dinner and went home…. *yawn* What a day I have.
I almost fell asleep keeping up with the post.

Ok, back to studies. End of my crap mode.

P/S: Ok, I realize that I can blog only when I am crappy.
P/P/S: I am crappy only when I am ‘tense up’.
P/P/P/S: I am ‘tense up’ only when I am busy, like now, during exam times.
P/P/P/P/S: Exams come only twice a year.
P/P/P/P/P/S: I do not wish exams to come so frequent.
P/P/P/P/P/P/S: Ok, that’s enough.