Monthly Archives: May 2007

Past & Present


That’s the view from June’s new office kitchen.

I thought it was rather interesting view, especially the blend of shop houses of the past and the modern buildings of the present.

Anyway, would be MIA-ing for the next days. Well, as if I blog regularly… *lol*

For those who are so *EAGER* to now what I am up to for the next few days, check up my twitter status, which is located at the right of my page. (As if you really give a damn what I am up to so precisely.)

Hey… I have not been featuring my random thoughts series for a loooooooooooooooong time… Time to revive it soon… Perhaps….


Ha ha! As you can see, there is a total new revamp in my site, with a totally cool layout and stuff includes!


Coming Soon.

The BLOG, will be moved to (That’s the main site instead of with effect from 6th May 2007. Take note! Remember to update your links!