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Men In White Part 3

And here we are, at Al Dente.

However, it has it’s own fair share of adventure too. 10 minutes after we ordered our food, the *poor* waitress came and told us that the fondue is not available.

June was available. Clarence was fuming. (Ok, I exaggerated. Well , he wasn’t too happy about it. All of us wasn’t happy, too.)

The drinks was prepared but Clarence refused to accept it unless there’s confirmation that fondue is available, especially since the floor manager told us there is before we decided to enter.

Anyway, the poor waitress told us that there is fondue 5 minutes later. And we accept the drinks anyway.

And my conspiracy came after that. Will the chef and the bartender add ‘special ingredients’ to our food? I don’t know. Anyway, it was a typical makan session from Stickmen!


That’s the fondue and tiramisu!

Our drinks. Strawberry Margarita, Singapore Sling, Sex on the Beach and one more dunno-what.

Men In White Part 2

In true blue Stickmen fashion, we had to ‘shop-hop’ 3 places before we confirmed on where we had our supper.

Shop 1: Haagen-Daz.
We wanted to settle for the fondue. However, it was not available, perhaps sold out for the day? Anyway, we barely warmed the seat before we decided, nope, we shall not settle for anything less.

So off we go. ONE.

Shop 2: Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
Peered around the entrance. Saw fondue on some of the patron’s table. Decided to go in. Checked with the staffer about the chocolate fondue. Well, all I can say is we left the place even before we got to sit down.

So off we go again. TWO.

Shop 3: MakanSutra Glutton’s Bay
Found seats there. Disappointed. We were almost raising the white flags to fate when June saw a billboard of fondue by Al Dente! We were delighted! However, after lessons learnt from the previous 2 eateries, we were more cautious before we leave the Glutton’s Bay. Therefore, Clarence and I went in and CONFIRM that there is fondue before we called the rest in. and yup, there was. And off we go again, from shop 3 to final pitshop, Al Dente.

And yup, confirm and guarantee chop that pictures are up tomorrow. :)

Men In White Part 1

It just initially a bored Tuesday and got a SMS from Anthony that there was free tickets to the charity premiere of ‘Men In White’, a local horror-comedy.

Well, there was horror. Horribly Lame.
There was comedy. All of us are laughing how lame it was.

If that’s what the director had intended it to be, probably he has succeed it very very much.
However, at the expense of jeopardizing his reputation, I supposed?

*Sorry Kelvin Tong. I know you are a good director. But this film doesn’t do you justice. Apologies extended to Shuan Chen. This film doesn’t do you justice too, especially as your debut. You are a great actor. This film shows only 5% of your talent.*

The goodies was probably the ‘supper/desert’ session the rest of us went after that…

Look out for the entry tomorrow for the great pics of our makan!

About 4:30 …

430hom.jpgJust finished watching 4:30 by Royston Tan. Bought the DVD this afternoon. Did not manage to watch it when it was on the big screen.fs_8days_hpfc-ad-430.jpg Apparently, I could not find anyone that can appreciate this movie together, and in the end, did not went to watch the move. All I can say, I regretted not watching it when it was on screen. It was a damn great movie.

It does not have the CGI SFX you see in blockbusters, nor the million dollars budget that entire you to get wow over. However, what it sells is the simplicity in the story telling. IT IS TELLING A STORY. And that’s very rare in movies nowadays. You have to watch the movie to know, and get in touch with the characters in the show.

Yes, you will not regret it.

Life’s A Journey

Watched ‘Cars’ last night.

In typical Pixar/Disney animation, loved the lessons behind the story. Somehow, I felt that it is very relevant to us.

When was the last time we stop and slow down and looked at the surroundings around us? When was the last time we ever cared for our friends?

As what the animation suggested, many sacrifice the ‘personal touch’ just for the mere 10 minutes of convienence. People nowadays care more on getting the job done rather then thinking of the ‘human touch’ behind it.

Yes, I admit that I had committed this err too.

In the journey of life, we may tend to take the express bus and speed through our journey to reach the destination. If we ever, ever, care to slow down, and appreciate the surroundings around us….


Who wants to watch this???
The Singapore Idol contestant famed for his inaudible rendition of “Careless Whisper” is back! He’s in love and bursting to express how he feels… in song. Catch him in Royston Tan’s new short film, “Careless Whisperer”, premiering this Easter weekend, as part of a showcase called “0104″, which collects the best of Royston’s short films from 2001 to 2004 (see synopsis for details).

Since “15″ the feature made headlines, Royston has garnered praise and poison in equal measure. Love him? Hate him? “0104″ presents the perfect opportunity for everyone to not only cast his own verdict, but also traces Royston’s development as one of Singapore ‘s most controversial filmmakers.

Venue: AGF Theatre, Alliance Francaise
Date & Time: 8pm, 26 Mar � 3.30pm & 7.30pm, 27 Mar
Tickets: $21 (free seating)
Rating to be advised; program is subject to change.

Proceeds will go to a filmmaking class for troubled youths conducted by Royston Tan under the auspices of The Substation. Tickets are available now at The Substation Box Office, open weekdays 12pm to 8.30pm, and also at the door on the screening dates. Please call the Box Office at 6337-7800 for update on rating.


Careless Whisperer (PREMIERE)
When you’re in love, your heart sings. But whether you can is another matter. In this zany new work, we get to listen in on what Patrick, the Singapore Idol contestant famed for his inaudible rendition of the George Michael hit, really hears in his head… and heart.

New York Girl (PREMIERE)
Where does fakery end and genuineness begin? In this comedy with a heart that is disguised as a social satire, a bimbo with a fake accent embarks on a quest for stardom and fame…

Monkey Love (PREMIERE)
Shot entirely outdoors in the winter wonderland of Hokkaido , this rhapsody in white stars a lovelorn monkey (ok, a boy in a monkey suit) traipsing through snow, in search of something of his that someone has stolen.

The Absentee (2004)
A music video made for the song “Killing Time” by the local band The Observatory, from their album “Time of Rebirth”.

Cut (2004)
“Cut” follows a film buff as he harasses a censor from supermarket to car park, where the film ends with an over-the-top musical number complete with go-go boys and cameos by various luminaries in the local arts scene.

Blind (2004) Old Parliament House (2004) Capitol Cinema (2004)
Three films that unfold in a single take, through sound: the first with a young woman in a park, the second with a man in the Old Parliament House, and the last with a woman in Capitol Cinema.

24 hrs (2002)
In three wistful minutes, this film chronicles the bloom and doom of a transient love, against a looping footage of Korean commercials and the strains of a guitar.

Hock Hiap Leong (2001)
A boy’s reverie at his favorite kopitiam takes us back to the 60s, and a musical number performed in platforms, beehives and flares. Sentimental and celebratory, “Hock Hiap Leong” memorializes the places and faces lost in the shadow of a city’s progress.

Mother (2002) This moving film tells the story of a son’s love-hate relationship with his mother � through the device of a voice-over played over the footage of a home video.

The organisers regret to inform that they are unable to secure a permit to screen “15″ (the short film).

23 mar 2005 1655hrs