alamak, little boy

June’s blog have been one great source of entertainment, and if you do not know June, how she write on the blog is so different from how she portray herself!

Extract from June Low’s Blog

my boyfriend is funny.
he is the ONLY guy whom i know,(by far) who doesn’y know
Victoria’s secrets is a very famous retailer of to-die-for lingerie in the States.
He thinks it’s Victoria Beckham’s Own brand, that sells clothes.(designed by her)
She does has her own brand, but i can’t remember what it is.
I know for sure it isn’t called Victoria’s Secrets ((:

Eh! Little Boy! Even I know what is Victoria’s Secret loh!!!!
Even Channel 5 shows the fashion show of Victoria’s Secret every year, where you can see anorexic models parading around their lingerie. Alamak..

Maybe, maybe DOTA really is a boyfriend stealer.

Latest Update:
Eh… Even Uncle Heng know loh! *lol*