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Knock At The Opportunity, Don’t Wait For It To Knock

In this city where you cannot go anyway without money, it is not surprising that students are sourcing for part time jobs to work during the vacation. Including me. After barely surviving on my savings which I accumulated during my NS stint, it is time for me to start working again to earn more pocket momey in order to survive for the coming year ahead.
E-mails sent to Rotarians, words of mouth spread to everyone I know, and sourcing the newspaper are the few avenues that I tried. Responds are optimistic and I hope that this will continues. There are many complains that jobs are hard to find nowadays. However, reports mentioned that there are many available jobs to be taken, yet no one is interested in taking them up. Employers also mentioned that employees are getting very fussy nowadays. Is it so difficult to get a job nowadays? Or it is that Singaporeans are becoming too fussy? Who is the real boss then, the employers or the employees?
I have some ‘job offers’ at the moment, and hopefully that I am able to clinch a good one. I confessed that I am rather fussy, but I think that at this point of time, I can’t afford to be now. Here I come, the Garden City that I live in, let this humble servant serves you and the citizens within!

11 nov 2004 2145hrs

A Fresh Look? A Fresh Beginning

It was 1 year and 7 months ago where this site has been revamped. As people moves on, ideas change and preception changes too. That’s why this website is facing yet another makeover.
This site has been inspired by the HBO hit series, “Sex and the City”, where I am a BIG BIG fan of this show. Let’s say that this is a tiny tiny tribute to the series and maybe, you MAY see that the style of writing similar to Carrie Bradshaw. I don’t think I can write that well, but well, Iif I can write as well as the writers one day, that would be great!
I am afraid that this will be a very very short introduction to this new site, as I am rushing off to school now, (YES! I am going to school on a public holiday! That’s SMU life baby!) I have to end this now.

11 nov 2004 1300hrs