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Photo Gallery – Totally Random Pictures

Sorry for the lack of updates for my pictures. Ha ha. Did not have the chance to take more photographs these few days. My convenient excuse would be, ‘It’s the Exam week!’.

Anyway, there is no interconnectivity links between these 2 photos.. except for.. hrm..  The theme is ‘Jerry’, because… one of the picture is about my birthday cake, and the other, is me!


Thanks to Joshua for this picture, and making me looking ‘professional’ and ‘serious’ when I was trying to learn how to take photos with the DSLR.


This is the same birthday cake which I blogged a couple of days ago. It is still the same picture! Castor, introduced me a program, Capture One yesterday and some of the stuff they provide,  is fansinating!


Cake From Lil’ Foot Patisserie (Disclaimer: These photos are taken by moi. Not  from the site. Ha ha!)
Capture One

Joshua (for the first photo of moi)

Photo Gallery – Ritual

Another set of random (training) pictures today, which I called it ‘Ritual’.

Ritual - Around the Pot
Ritual – Around the Pot
[When I first saw this scene, it reminds me of a big pot with a circle of lights surrounding it. The plant at the side gave it a 'tribal' feel.]

Ritual - Water
Ritual – Water
[OK, I made up this. I was just trying to  find another picture to complement the photo above and I found this. The water, with the row of lights at the end, looks like a ritual which a person may go through, or something like that. Maybe someone will just walk on the water!]

Venue: Marriot Hotel, Orchard, Singapore

Photo Gallery – Fire & Ice

Took these photos at random today. Actually, training pictures.

I call it Fire & Ice.

Personally, I like the ‘Ice’ Version, because firstly, it fits the UOB corporate colour, and it is the Xmas season now!
The ‘Fire’ version , would be a complimentary picture and you guys could be able to see the contrast better.

UOB - Fire 
UOB – Ice

UOB - Ice
UOB – Fire


Venue: UOB ATM outisde Tangs, Orchard, Singapore

Crunch time

To complete (or completed) this week.

-A new golfing site
-Updates for NUS employment survey
-Amendments for NLB AR e-Version
-URA e-version bimonthly newsletter
-A project for MTV Asia
-International Econs project re. sub prime mortgage issue
-Reflection Paper for Lunchtime talk
-International Econs Quiz
-Preparation for Environmental Science presentation

Wah. What a week