Men In White Part 1

It just initially a bored Tuesday and got a SMS from Anthony that there was free tickets to the charity premiere of ‘Men In White’, a local horror-comedy.

Well, there was horror. Horribly Lame.
There was comedy. All of us are laughing how lame it was.

If that’s what the director had intended it to be, probably he has succeed it very very much.
However, at the expense of jeopardizing his reputation, I supposed?

*Sorry Kelvin Tong. I know you are a good director. But this film doesn’t do you justice. Apologies extended to Shuan Chen. This film doesn’t do you justice too, especially as your debut. You are a great actor. This film shows only 5% of your talent.*

The goodies was probably the ‘supper/desert’ session the rest of us went after that…

Look out for the entry tomorrow for the great pics of our makan!