Trying to be an entrepreneur

A quote from cobaltpaladin

…we don’t become entrepreneurs because our friend or neighbour is an entrepreneur. We become an entrepreneur because we have something we believe in – because we have a dream. A dream we call our own and passionate about. It is our own choice to become an entrepreneur.

We don’t need a culture to be an entrepreneur. To be an entrepreneur is a personal choice. It is from within, not without. A true entrepreneur challenges the norm and no matter what conditions we are in, true entrepreneurs will adapt. We go against the grain. We are the ‘weird’ ones. No matter how adverse the conditions, how difficult the path, the true warrior will walk…. alone if need be.

Remember, being an entrepreneur is a personal choice. And we can do it in Singapore, because we have the freedom to choose.

Reading these lines, gave me some thoughts.

I have some friends, whom I should say, quote close. However, they were like the ‘typical’ Singaporeans, where you were brought up to study, get a degree and find a stable job.

They were always trying to dissuade me from trying out some ideas. You have to get a job! They say. You are not young anymore! They added.

I used to be very de-moralized when I talked to them about my dreams. To the point that I just gave superficial answers when they asked me what I want to do when I graduate. There is no point for me to talk to them about my dreams.

Thanks, Cobalt Paladin. Your blog is now a ‘bible’ for me. It gave me new thoughts and inspiration on how I should work on my stuff. And I know how to ‘filter‘ away the nay-sayers when they boo boo my dreams.

It is my dream and I choose to live it. At least, I know when 10 years down the road, whether I succeed or not, I will not regret my decision. For the very least, I tried. As what all my e-mails says, “Don’t dream your life, live your dreams!”