MAJOR revamp

Went home at 3.00am last night.

Nope, I did not went to chiong. In fact, I wasn’t at home for the past 35 hours. Nope, I am not an angst-filled teenager who were running away from home. I was just engaged in some work .

And it set me thinking. What I had done for the past 18 months, which could be valuable archive for me, wasn’t documented! I had missed out on so much.

In addition, Cobalt Paladin gave me the additional inspiration and motivation. His entries, as an entrepreneur is an excellent journal documenting his journey to his success in his business. It also serves as a think aloud platform for him to reflect and look back on what he has done.

Therefore, why can’t I do that too?

Sooooooooo, as the entry title suggested, I would be going for a MAJOR revamp in this blog. Not just the entries, which I always had struggled to fill in, especially I do not have much of a social life. But the content. Content of my entrepreneur road trip with a couple of my buddies, content of my complains hee hee, contents of lessons learnt along the way.

Will start off with some archive lessons learnt from my previous foray. Stay tuned.