Daily Archives: September 30, 2005


Arrrggghhh!!! I have sinned~~~~ Nothing too serious too, but I went out for supper with Andrew, Jane and Khartini at GluttonSquare at the Esplanade last night.. there goes my dieting regimen..

Well, I am adopting a more stingent dietary for the next few weeks until I can see more results (have to admit that the frequency to gym gets lesser since school begins.. Yah yah, I know this is excuse). Anyway, wish me good luck and hopefully, would see results faster in the next few weeks or so.

Meanwhile, enjoy the RADIO BLOG below!

Listen To:
Ordering the Murtabak and which one to order
Andrew’s Turn To Order
Tini proudly showing her ‘eggs’?
Andrew is Singapore’s Answer to Vic Chou Zai Zai?