Daily Archives: September 20, 2005

When The Bright Moon Shines…

Legend that during Ancient China, Chang’e took the elixir of life and flew to the moon. And that’s the reason why we eat mooncake nowadays. However, bet she did not expect that when it reaches the 21st century, human beings started to create all different kinds and varieties of mooncake.

My favourite ‘new’ mooncake has to be the~~~~ drum rolls~~~ Ice Cream Mooncake~~ from Swensen’s!! (No opportunity to try Haagan Daaz Ice Cream Mooncake~~ Too expensive!!)

Anyway, there was supposed to be a club event on Sunday, called Bezo 2005, at Downtown East. Will uploaded the sound clips and pictures once edited. Cheers~~

(These photos are taken with my beloved Nokia 6260 phone. Looking for sponsorship/endorsement for a digital camera. Interested parties, you can contact me at me@limyishun.net. Actually, I don’t mind any form of sponsorship or endorsement actually. ;P)

Listen To:
Eating Mooncake with Andrew and Jerry Yeo
Eating Mooncake with Suresh