Daily Archives: September 15, 2005

How to Celebrate A Driving Pass

What is the best way to celebrate when someone passes his/her driving test on the first trial? Stuff ourselves silly at Carl�s Jr!!! Yes, this is what we did when Adrian aka Jerry aka Minimum aka God-Knows-What-Else passes his driving test on Tuesday.

The burger is great, the sauces are great, and the seats are wonderful! Did I mention that they provide free flow of drinks and we drank ourselves silly with Coke Light and Home Made Ice Lemon Tea (Where there is a container of tea, and you add the lemon slices and sugar syrup based on how sour/sweet you want) ?

Can�t wait to go back there again.. but ooppss.. need to go back to gym already (which I had not been going for the past 4 weeks�)

Listen to:Our Adventure at Carl�s Jr