More dosages of Flashes of Random Thoughts

Disclaimer: The following post is just bits of my random thoughts. If you do not understand what the hell I am writing, you are not alone~~~

More random thoughts…

Random Thoughts No 9: Hey! T*IF!! (Thank whatever it�s Friday!) I never knew Friday was such a welcoming day. Think of the rest and crazy stuff that I can do for the next 2 days, it�s enough to keep me motivated to survive for the next few hours at work� Hrm� what shall I do this weekend?? *Ponder ponder ponder*

Random Thoughts No 10: There are 2 very interesting happenings for me tonight. Matthew has invited Jane and me to a piano recital! OMG! OMFG! I have never been to a piano recital before! Will I fall asleep? Am I able to appreciate it? I guess I am not the �classy� kind, but rather the �crassy�, uncouth type. (Yah yah, I heard your snigger, Wende�) Okay, I shall drink more coffee before I go for the recital later in the evening� Ha ha~~

After which, we may be going to Swissotel to welcome Andrew to Singapore!! (For the uninitiated and initiated, it�s THAT Korean Andrew, but not Andrew Stanley Heng.. Snigger snigger snigger) I bet SOME GIRL can�t wait for him to arrive� *Evil laughter*

That�s all for now� I suppose so�

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