Daily Archives: July 21, 2008

After Thoughts

Watch ‘The Dark Knight’ the night before.

Had a sleepless night after that.


1. Heather Ledge
He is one of the villains in recent times that did not install hatred into you when you watch the movie. That is the usual reaction of the audience, where you hate the villain so much that you wish he/she is dead. The portrayal of Joker by Heather Ledge, however, install FEAR. I felt FEAR throughout the movie. FEAR for Batman, FEAR for Gotham City, FEAR for what is going to happen next. Literally, it gave me a sleepless night. I am unable to sleep well after watching the movie.

Kudos to Heather Ledge and the Nolan brothers.

2. Perfection
Ha. There was the Channel U drama recently, ‘Perfect Cut’ discussing the chase of perfection by people nowadays. ‘The Dark Knight’, discussed the philosophy of the ideology of the ‘perfect’ Gotham City with all the criminals wipe out.

What happen when the place is too sanitized? A bigger menace appears? As what the film protray, Joker is the product of Batman’s effort to fight crimes in the city.

What happened when we try to be perfect? Are we suppressing an inner devil, or releasing an inner devil inside us when we tried to be a ‘perfect’ person? What are the opportunity cost of being ‘perfect’? Harvey Dent is a ‘perfect’ District Attonery, wiping out the crime and having a perfect girlfriend. What happened when all are lost? The ‘devil’, his ‘two-face’ personality overcomes his initial nature.

Yes, we are human too. Sometimes, it is not wrong to be imperfect.