krispy_kreme.jpgThanks to Ellen from LTB/LTM, I finally had a chance to taste the famous, legendary KRISPY KREME!

And after trying it, I had finally understood the fuss and the popularity of this famous donut. It is DAMN delicious~! (Even though the dough nut is 1 day ago. Whatever.)

Imagine: The moment you bite into the donut, the sugar rushes through the brain, giving you an immediate adrenaline rush and making you ask for more! Fortunately (or not), there’s only one for everyone.

However, thank goodness there’s only one. Think of the calories! (Just checked krispy kreme website. 1 original glazed dough nut contains *ahem* only 200 calories… Which is still acceptable. As long as you don’t eat 10 in a day. Which is the daily maximum calories intake for an adult)

Meanwhile, I shall settle for local doughnuts. Which is NOT DONUT FACTORY. Which I heard from friends who queued (longest record, 4.5 hours, *hey hey* you know who you are ;P), mentioning that it has been over-rated. As for my source of dough nuts? Why should I tell you? I don’t want to risk the possibility that I would need to queue for the donuts. I love my donuts, and I am intending to keep it a secret. *bbbbwwwwaaahhhaaa!!*

Meanwhile… enjoy the donuts I had in Taipei!!!!

3 thoughts on “It’s SINfully DELICIOUS!!

  1. it’s me lor.. the 4.5 hrs donut-queuer.. but be thankful becos if not for me.. how u know they were over rated sia.. Lol..

  2. aiyah…
    poor thing..

    i have krispy kremes here in seoul! wbhaha!
    can get to eat it everyday!
    hiak hiak hiak!

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