Daily Archives: April 17, 2006

What Did You Do When You Are 3?

I don’t know either.

How do you celebrate a birthday for a 3 year old? I don’t know.

It have been centuries since I celebrated my 3 years old birthday.

By the way, it has been 3 years since I began blogging! (Actually, I guess it’s older, but the archives I have begins from April 2003, so we take this date has my blogging start date.)

It has been a long time… From ‘Jerry & the City’ to ‘Life As Jerry’… Perhaps it’s time to take on a new identity…. tonk&JERRY!

Where I am this time next week

Where I am this time next week.
*Yes, yes, I was there 4 months ago*
*Yes, this is just a simple weekend escapade for me*

Je vais a Kuala Lumpur la semaine prochaine.
Je veux manger le Lok Lok au Bukit Bintang.
Je ces aime!

*I hope I am writing correctly. I am NOT using online translation! I am studying French ok? lol*