Show and Tell the ‘Gong’ Xi Gong Xi

It’s the eve of the New Year’s Eve and the Garden City is buzzing with lotsa activities. Buying new year goodies, spring cleaning, shopping for clothes, presentation preparation….
Yes, I have a presentation today and our group burnt our whole weekend to work on it! Hope that it will be great later, which is in 1 hour time.
Anyway, update for my low-carb diet, I guess I have to forgo them for these few days, but then, I don’t think I will be stuffing myself as if there’s no tomorrow. Read a article in ‘mindyourbody’ and saw the amount of carbs and fats in those popular new year goodies. Oh my *******!!
Lastly, before I sign off, let me perform some shameless advertising. Xcessorizez your life today @ !

02 feb 2005 1835hrs