Daily Archives: April 12, 2007



Wanted to take tons of pictures today during my FYP (Final Year Project) presentation, but in the end, we were too busy throwing smoke bomb that I totally forgotten about it. So… ladies and gentlemen, what I can present is the pictures of our group and some screen shot of our project.

Anyway, it was a wonderful presentation, although a lot of smoke bomb been thrown, however, unlike my other modules, these smoke were thrown reasonably and logically. Apparently, the professors were IMPRESSED by our presentation, AND our work. Which was wonderful.

It was an unexpected turn of events, since it was just 2.5 weeks ago when the whole group was damn demoralized because our evaluators mentioned that our project was ‘not up to standard’. However, as we mentioned during the presentation today, CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT. Things happened and with a strange twist in event, we managed to climb up from our dump and emerge VICTORY today!

Guess it is the rule of the underdog wins. YET AGAIN.