A Fresh Look? A Fresh Beginning

It was 1 year and 7 months ago where this site has been revamped. As people moves on, ideas change and preception changes too. That’s why this website is facing yet another makeover.
This site has been inspired by the HBO hit series, “Sex and the City”, where I am a BIG BIG fan of this show. Let’s say that this is a tiny tiny tribute to the series and maybe, you MAY see that the style of writing similar to Carrie Bradshaw. I don’t think I can write that well, but well, Iif I can write as well as the writers one day, that would be great!
I am afraid that this will be a very very short introduction to this new site, as I am rushing off to school now, (YES! I am going to school on a public holiday! That’s SMU life baby!) I have to end this now.

11 nov 2004 1300hrs